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Build Your Career With Us

Hello and Welcome to your CAREER! You have made up your mind to land the career of your dreams that will not only pay your bills but most importantly, it will:
    Satisfy your ambition
    Feed your professional growth
    Get you to the level of wealth you desire, and
    Make you an admired member of the society.

We are here to help you make all that and more happen! How?
    We have a joint 30 years of unparalleled experience in career hunting on 3 continents and 7 leading economies around the world.
    We have done over 100 interviews with HR Managers, Line Managers, Directors, VPs, SVPs at multinationals, small businesses, and in the leading academia on 3 continents.
    We have successfully built careers for ourselves and our clients on numerous occasions.
Let us help you create and build YOUR CAREER!

How can we help you land your NEW CAREER?
    We write a winning CV for your CAREER
    We write a winning cover letter for your job applications
    We coach you to successfully pass your interviews
    We are there for you as long as needed for you to create and land YOUR NEW CAREER

Contact us by email or using the form below. Email us your existing CV and a few words about what you are looking for in your new career. We are always available and when we aren’t, we return your emails within a few hours from receiving them.

Privacy: we sign a mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement with you prior to starting our introductory interview. Any and all information shared by you and us from then onwards is protected by this agreement.

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Telephone: (647) 946 - 8630